White Widow weed information

White Widow is a legendary and world famous type of weed, first cultivated by Green House Seeds. A cross between a very resinous South Indian indica and an original landrace from Brazil, sativa dominant, made this iconic marijuana which has been one of the most popular marijuana varieties in the world for many decades.

Not only that, White Widow is of course also known for its very stable and powerful genetics, making it the basis of many new strains. But what do we actually know about the origin and rise of White Widow?

Unknown genetics White Widow

If you want to know what the exact ancestors of White Widow are, and so want to know which genetic line she is following, then you’re quickly at a dead end. So we do know that it is a Brazilian Sativa and an Indian Indica, but of course we would like to know more about her origin. When we rely on reasonably reliable sources we find out that Manga Rosa (pink mango), a Brazilian Sativa, is most likely one of White Widow’s parents.

This in combination with the South Indian “Keralan”, originating from years of refinement in Kerala, a province in India. The tropical beaches of Kerala are especially popular with tourists and very important for the country, but in the mountains of Kerala for years worked on the final White Widow. Bicycle species from this area are also characterized by Sativa influences and are also known for crossbreeds from which some powerful California Haze species were born.


The eventual combination and interbreeding of White Widow is due to one man, “Shantibaba”, one of the founders of Green House Seeds. Finally, “Shantibaba” founded the Mr. Nice Seedbank together with Neville Schoenmaker and Howard Marks. This also seems to have been the moment when “Shantibaba” continued with White Widow under the name Black Widow, as Arjan of Green House Seeds still worked with this White Widow. The different names were mainly meant to help marketing to distinguish Black Widow from White Widow.

So all in all there’s a nice piece of history attached to this type of weed! Unfortunately, other stories about the origin/succession are often lacking in factual substantiation. Luckily we can be pretty sure of the above story, given the reliable sources.

Taste White Widow

Manga Rosa, one of her ancestors, brings the sweet and fruity influences in taste sublime over White Widow. In combination with the most delicious from the mountains of Kerala, this allows you to enjoy a peppery taste, in which you will also recognize sour citrus influences. All this is rounded off by an aftertaste reminiscent of lemon. A delicious natural, somewhat fruity, taste explosion that nevertheless feels quite natural and soft on the throat. Certainly not comparable to another type of weed.

Effect White Widow

We can say that White Widow contains fairly distributed Indica/Sativa genetics, so you will experience a balanced, predominantly clear, high. With an average THC content of around 18%, White Widow is certainly no less powerful than new strains. And while she’s been around for decades, homage! At first you’ll feel an energetic, creative vibe after smoking, which will turn into a total feeling of relaxation after a short time. That’s why you can use White Widow on any occasion.

Medical users also benefit from smoking/using White Widow. Given the Indica influences you can relieve stress, chronic pain and muscle tension problems with this powerful weed.

Culture info White Widow

When you start growing White Widow, of course you want to know what to expect! Therefore some facts about White Widow in a row:

  • Growing level: Easy to grow
  • Height inside: 80-120 centimeters
  • Height outside: 200 centimetres
  • Yield: High (500+ grams per m2)
  • Flowering weeks: 8 to 9 weeks

Particulars White Widow breeding

Fortunately, there are few peculiarities to growing a good White Widow. This type of weed is really very easy to grow and virtually resistant to fungi and vermin, so it’s also perfect for growing outdoors. It will flower out at the beginning of October at the latest. Usually this is before it turns to autumn weather. A positive peculiarity is her excellent production of THC, which manifests itself by creating many trichomes, hairs, crystals, whatever you want to call them, on the buds and leaves. This also reveals that White Widow is well suited for making tasty extracts, oil, hash or weed butter.

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