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Super Skunk is one of the better-known cannabis strains and very popular among most cannabis smokers. In the hippie era, Skunk was already one of the most widely used cannabis strains. Not surprisingly, cannabis enthusiasts today are still impressed by the expressive Skunk smell. It’s not for nothing that Doe Maar named their 1981 album “Skunk”, the most eloquent song on that album was “Nederwiet” and was written by Joost Belinfante. Super Skunk is a direct descendant of the original Skunk #1 and that’s why it’s good to look at the overall history of Skunk.

Origin of Super Skunk

Skunk originated in the 80’s and today Skunk has become for some even an alternative name for weed/cannabis. Though it sounds like a great honour, it is still inferior to the status Skunk has acquired as an individual cannabis strain over the last few decades. At all times, Skunk maintains her high quality, which is reflected in excellent high, beautiful yields and she is also very forgivable. Novice growers can therefore get on very well with Skunk as not every mistake will be mercilessly punished.

But what do we all know about the origins of (Super) Skunk?

An adventurous mystery

Since cannabis, especially back then, is/was an illegal drug, unfortunately not much has been recorded about it. History takes us back to the 70’s, although there are several stories in circulation. The exact origin of Skunk #1 in America is unfortunately not entirely clear. Most sources attribute the origin to Northern California, where Skunk #1 is said to have been discovered, in Humboldt County, after crossing Afghani X Colombian Gold.

Is there anything we can be sure of? Yes, there is! Sam the Skunkman, Dave Watson, came to Holland with Skunk #1 seeds. Sam left the United States with some 250,000 cannabis seeds, how? Unfortunately, we don’t know. However, it is known that Skunk #1 was allowed commercially around 1980 and the seeds were initially sold by Sam under the brand Cultivators Choice.

Prestigious first Cannabis Cup

In 1988 the first High Times Cannabis Cup was celebrated, the birth of a true piece of Cannabis history! The winner of this first High Times Cannabis Cup was none other than Dave “Sam the Skunkman” Watson’s Skunk #1. This is the main reason why the credits for the creation and especially survival of Skunk varieties are attributed to Sam the Skunkman. At this stage there was still talk of the original Skunk #1, but then enriched with Acapulco Gold to provide more stability and thicker buds.


As already mentioned, Skunk is also an album by Doe Maar, from 1981, with the song “Nederwiet” on it. This is just as telling as that Skunk has been for the Dutch weed scene. It’s not for nothing that more than half of the strains nowadays contain some Skunk genetics. Justifiably a founder for Nederwiet.

And then what?

The original Skunk #1 is rare and wouldn’t have been sold for more than a decade by Sam the Skunkman. Of course, at that time these seeds were widely distributed and the necessary refinement took place. The most important hybrid Skunk #1 X has been a resinous Afghani cannabis plant, this has formed the Super Skunk as we still know it today. Super Skunk first appeared on the market in 1990 and again with a resounding success, immediately winning the High Times Cannabis Cup in the “Indica” category.

Super Skunk taste

The taste of Super Skunk, as well as her smell, is sublime and above all unique. The typical weed smell that you can smell from meters away, the fast volatile aromas that also disappear just as quickly. Her taste has become a household name and for many people a household name, she can best be described as a sweet, earthy taste.

Effect of Super Skunk

After smoking Super Skunk you’ll feel especially creative and cheerful, perfect if you still have activities planned. Make sure you have something to eat with you or in the house, as food kicks are almost guaranteed after smoking Super Skunk. She contains about 20% THC, making her a very potent type of weed. Are you ready for your well-earned rest? Then feel free to smoke another joint and you will experience a lovely sleepy feeling.

Medicinal effect Super Skunk

Not only recreationally, but also medicinally Super Skunk is very popular. You will benefit from smoking, or using, Super Skunk at times of stress, pain or depression, for example. You will also get a good night’s sleep with this type of weed and that’s why you can also use it against insomnia.

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