Weed drying what are the best ways

When your cultivation comes to an end, the most beautiful moment comes in sight: harvesting, drying and consuming your self-grown weed! During the drying process, seemingly unimportant points can still result in a considerable reduction of your yield. When it comes to both quality and quantity, weed drying is a very important step, perhaps one of the most important during the entire growing process. Wrong drying can cause your weed to taste like nothing, lose potency and even produce less weed than if you did dry it properly.

Many growers harvest too fast, dry too quickly and barely or not at all curdle their weed. Although this has a miraculous effect on the end result.

Curious about the right way to harvest your weed before you start drying it? Read more about harvesting your weed here.

But what are successful ways to dry your weed and what do you have to take into account to keep your weed properly dried?

Different ways to dry

There are a few different ways to dry your weed. Everyone has their own specific preference, but the same points of attention remain important in both ways. To successfully dry weed, it is first of all important to choose the way you will dry your weed. This can depend on the amount of room you have to dry or the number of weed plants that you have to let dry.

It is clear that the slower your weed dries, the better the final taste. So avoid too much ventilation, limiting to a little fresh air one day is fine. 24/7 ventilation is superfluous, especially during drying, and will cause more damage than you can use. Do you grow your weed plants in a grow tent? Then all you have to do is let the extractor run slowly and your weed in a dark grow room. Because exposure to light, cannabinoids (active substances) will break down.

Weed can spread a nice scent in the first days of the drying process. In your grow tent with extraction and filter is therefore a must to prevent the odor from going everywhere.

Hang to dry

The most traditional and natural way to dry weed is to hang your weed plants upside down after harvesting. By leaving the weed plants as intact as possible, you give them the best opportunity to break down chlorophyll. This is necessary to maintain a good taste while smoking. You can cut the weed plant at the bottom of the trunk and hang it in its entirety, or hang it up with roots and everything. When you hang up your weed plant with roots and all, your weed plants will mature in the first days of drying.

After trimming the bottom of the trunk, it is important to remove the larger leaves at the tops and fan leaves. After this you can hang the plant upside down, for example on a clothesline or a nail / screw and a piece of string. By drying the weed plant in its entirety, it will gradually dry. However, it is important to ensure that the tops are nicely spread and do not touch each other. This is to prevent mold and moisture accumulation.

Of course you can also choose to cut the tops of the weed plant and hang it separately, for example on a clothesline or thread.

Dry horizontally

When you have a weed plant or five and your growing room is already filled with new weed plants, it can pay to dry while lying down. Horizontal drying is fine in less than a square meter. There are different drying racks and nets available, where you can let your weed dry while lying down. These often consist of several floors, making it easy to dry five weed plants in one drying rack or net.

The easiest way is to cut your buds off your weed plant, a few centimeters below the top. Then you also cut away the largest leaves and place your weed tops separately on your drying rack. This allows air anywhere between the tops and they can dry evenly. The important thing about this method is to turn your buds over after a few days so that they perfectly dry and gradually.

When can you smoke your weed?

Exactly how long drying will take is different for everyone since this depends strongly on the circumstances. Humidity, temperature and volume of the tops Small, fluffy tops can often be reasonably dry within a day or five, while a compact, thick top takes ten days to dry properly.

A humidity of 60-70% of your buds is enough to start curing. After drying for about seven days, it is wise to test whether your weed is already dry enough. It probably feels a bit dry on the outside, but you only know for sure after a test! There are two things you can do to determine if your weed is dry enough to cure:


By bending branches you know if they are dry enough. Do you clearly hear a crack while bending? Then your weed is dry enough. Do you not hear a crack or is it difficult to break the branch after bending? Leave your weed hanging or lying down.


When the crack test is successful, the smoke test is a nice next step. By turning a pure joint from your new harvest, you can determine whether your buds inside are dry enough to cure. This is because well-dried weed will gradually burn and you will have to re-light too moist weed again and again. So do you have a nice joint that you don’t always have to light? Then your weed is well dried!

After drying

If your weed is dry enough and has matured nicely, it’s time to smoke, right? Yes, but it is certainly worthwhile to delve into the curing of weed. This has a positive influence on the taste and quality of the weed. By curing you ensure an optimal moisture balance and air humidity of the buds. You also ensure that superfluous moisture evaporates more and more from the buds at a gradual pace, without your weed tops drying out.

Question and answer

The main issues and frequently asked questions in a Q&A at a glance:

What can I do if my weed has become too dry?

If your weed has become too dry, you can moisten it again. The easiest way is to do that in an airtight container or jar. By adding some orange peels or damp cotton wool to your buds (without touching each other), they will gradually become a bit more moist. In the case of orange peels you will also taste an orange flavor in your weed.

I have a hygrometer, but what do the different humidity levels say?

When your weed has a humidity of more than 70%, your weed is not yet dry enough and needs to dry even further. A humidity between 55 and 60% is ideal for storing and smoking weed.

What is a good temperature during the drying of weed?

The temperature of 20 degrees is fine during the first days of drying. This way, excess moisture will gradually evaporate. After the first two to three days, it may be a few degrees colder to allow your weed to dry evenly and calmly.

Why do weed plants have to dry in the dark again?

Active substances in the weed break down by exposure to light during drying. A completely dark room is therefore essential to allow your weed to dry perfectly.

When is the weed dry enough to smoke?

When your branches show a clear crack and break when you bend them. If they bend, they are not dry enough. Do you have a hygrometer? Between 60-70% you can start curing weed.

How do I hang weed plants to allow them to dry properly?

Upside down, for example on a clothesline or rope. Before you hang them up, at least cut out the larger leaves and fan leaves. Remember that you create enough space between the tops and weed plants, so that everything dries gradually.

What should I pay attention to while drying? Make sure there is enough space between your tops when they dry while lying down. This is to prevent moisture accumulating between these tops and some parts bad to not dry.

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