How to choose your Cannabis Indoor Grow Box

Choosing your first grow room is not easy. Between the different brands, models, sizes and prices, it’s hard to know exactly what you need.

We’ve created this guide to help you make the right choice. Without necessarily spending a fortune, if you don’t need a sophisticated model.

We’ll tell you how to choose the most suitable box for your indoor growing project and the ideal size and shape of the tent for your session.

Finally, we’ll give you our opinion on the best brands of cannabis grow boxes.

The right Grow Tent for your Project

In order to choose the right box, you must first think about your cultural project.

Indeed, your objectives, your space, budget and time constraints and the cultivation techniques you wish to use are all factors that will influence the choice of your stall.

How many sessions would you like to do? Do you plan to expand your growing space in the future?

Everything must be clear in order to decide which box you should buy.

The Different Forms of Culture Boxes

There are different forms of grow tent. The standard models are square.

But there are also rectangular or corner (triangle) boxes that allow for optimal use of space.

Rectangular boxes make it possible to cultivate over a larger area, even in a small room.

Corner boxes save space in a room, for example, by placing the box in one of the corners of the room.

You must choose what is best for you according to your space constraints. But by trying to optimize the available space.

For example, you could place a rectangular box in an unused portion of the hallway.

What Size Crop Box to Choose?

As far as the size of the box is concerned, there are a lot of choices. From a micro grow tent of 0.10m², to a mega tent of more than 30m².

And all sizes in between.

Most novice cannabiculturists opt for a model from 0.5m² to a maximum of 1.5m².

This makes sizes from 70x70cm to 120x120cm.

You can grow under HPS 250 watts in a tent from 70x70cm to 90x90cm.

For a 400 watt lamp, you can grow in a box from 90x90cm to 100x100cm.

Finally, if you want a big crop and you opt for a 600 watt lamp, it is better to take a 120x120cm box.

Beyond 1.5m², you need two lamps and it is not ideal for a first indoor session.

That said, if you’re thinking big, opt for a 120cm x 240cm rectangle tent with two 600 watt HPS lamps.

With a bit of experience, you can easily collect more than a kilo of weed with such an installation.

Different Options for Culture Box

Manufacturers all offer various and varied options, but here are the most common:

  • Side openings in addition to the front door
  • The number of extraction / interaction socks
  • The finish of the reflective coating (Mylar or other)
  • The cultivation stages to make a space for growth and a space for flowering
  • SCROG’s net

Choose again according to your culture objectives and your constraints.

For example, you don’t need 3 extraction socks at the top of the box if you only use one air extractor.

Likewise, you do not need the SCROG net if you do not plan to grow SCROG in the future.

Quality of your Culture Tent

If you were expecting a speech on the importance of choosing a high quality box, you will be disappointed.

Invest in a quality tent only if you intend to hold a large number of sessions.

Indeed, smaller tents tend to wear out faster over time. If you plan to do 4 sessions per year every year, then it will be more economical to invest in a quality box from the start.

This will prevent you from ending up with a broken zipper or a torn wall after a few years.

On the other hand, if you want to have only one session per year, it is not worth investing in a high-end tent.

Do not take the cheapest box on the market either. But go for a mid-range model that offers the options you need but no more.

Finally, if you plan to have only one session, take the cheapest box you can find.

The optimizations possible with more sophisticated boxes would not be profitable in a single session.

So don’t waste your money on a high-end model if you plan to do only one session!

What is the Best Brand of Cannabis Growing Box?

Not easy to know which brand of tent to choose when you start.

You can do your research and base your opinions on forums and online sales sites.

Or you can simply read the rest of this article!

We have tried several brands of grow boxes ourselves and have received feedback from hundreds of growers in our community.

The selection criteria used for this classification are the quality of manufacture, practicality in use, the price and the variety of choices of the brand.

Here are the best box brands for sale in most grow shops and online stores.

# 1 Secret Jardin

Secret Jardin is undoubtedly the best brand of cannabis growing box. The brand offers a high-end model of high quality, very practical to use and for a reasonable price compared to other brands.

This model exists in several sizes and comes with a lot of pretty cool accessories. In particular a SCROG net, very interesting if you want to get started in a SCROG session.

Secret Jardin also offers a more affordable but fairly qualitative model. Also available in many sizes. Savings are made on accessories, not included in the basic model, as well as on the quality of finish. Indeed, the Mylar is thinner than on the high-end model and the tubes of the structure are a little less resistant.

That said, the basic model is more than sufficient in terms of quality for all beginners who are getting started in their first session.

Invest in the high-end model only if you are sure and certain of doing several sessions per year for several years. Otherwise, the price difference is not profitable.

The Variety of the Secret Jardin Range

In addition to these two best-selling models, Secret Jardin offers multiple models to meet everyone’s budgets and constraints.

There is a fairly competitive first price model, a tent model exclusively reserved for the growth phase (Propagator), models allowing continuous cultivation with a growth space and a flowering space.

But that’s not all. You will also find in the Secret Jardin catalog models with different shapes and colors, variants of reflective coatings as well as different accessories. Such as the Dark Dryer, the SCROG net or even a waterproof protective pocket to store your weather station inside the culture space.

Finally, the brand offers a professional range with cultivation areas up to more than 30m².

# 2 Blackbox Silver

Blackbox Silver is the 2nd best brand on our list. This is because they offer quality boxes at a very competitive price.

Their mid-range model offers the same quality of Mylar as the high-end model from Secret Jardin.

And Blackbox Silver also offers a high-end version of its growing tents.

The other advantage of this brand is the variety of choices in terms of box sizes.

There is something for everyone. With boxes ranging from 0.12m² (35x35x60cm) to more than 18m² (300x600x220cm)!

Like Secret Jardin, Blackbox Silver offers 3 qualities of box: high-end, mid-range and economical.

And they also offer models with a growth space and a flowering space.

Finally, Blackbox Silver offers many accessories for growing boxes, such as the SCROG net or the heated floor cover.

# 3 Superbox Mylar

Superbox Mylar deserves its place on our podium for the quality of its tents.

The brand only offers two models: a mid-range model and a high-end version, with the option of enhancing the box with additional modules.

To pay a little less, you can opt for the Superbox Mylar V1 (version 1), which is much cheaper than the Superbox Mylar V2.

The main differences between the two versions are the thickness of the Mylar, the absence of side doors on the V1 and the additional extraction socks on the V2.

Private labels

You will find in grow shops other less well-known brands. These boxes are generally less expensive than those of major brands.

It is a perfect alternative for novice growers who are not yet sure of getting into indoor growing for the long term.

Again, if you only do one or two sessions a year, an entry-level box will do the trick.

And when you start growing more regularly, you can then invest in a more upscale box if necessary.


You now have all the info you need to choose the right grow box for your next indoor session.

And if not, ask us your questions in the comments!

Remember to choose a culture tent suitable for your project: the shape, size, options, but also the quality of the box will be taken into account.

For beginners who do not wish to cultivate continuously, avoid spending too much in an ultra sophisticated box.

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