AK 47 – Best Indica and Best Sativa

We know AK 47 as one of the most powerful automatic weapons in the world, but that’s not what today is about. It is about the cannabis variety AK 47 with the same name! At the time of writing, this is the only cannabis variety that can call herself both ‘Best Indica’ and ‘Best Sativa’, winning dozens of different Cannabis Cups in total, particularly in appreciation for her formidable, powerful high, delicious flavours when smoked and for the high yields of weed you can achieve while growing this cannabis goddess.

AK 47 is a beautiful blend of Indica and Sativa genetics. She contains about 60% Sativa 40% Indica, which may also explain why she is so loved by both Indica and Sativa lovers. But how did she come into being, what makes AK 47 so popular and, perhaps more importantly, how do you grow a perfect AK 47 cannabis plant?

Birth of AK 47

A few decades ago, in the course of the 1990s, AK 47 was formed into what it is today. It often still takes a few years before a type of weed is commercially available, as in most cases extensive refinement is still taking place. For AK 47, Sativas were mainly used, such as Mexican, Colombian and Thai Sativa cannabis plants. Typical landraces, to which we owe a lot.

One of the best-kept secrets, however, is which weed varieties were used to get to AK 47, and perhaps this will always remain one big mystery. To finish it off, Afghan landraces were also involved in the refinement.

The THC content of AK 47 varies between 15% and 20%. At the end of the 90’s this was an unprecedented level, but nowadays you often come across weed varieties that contain even more THC. Compared to today’s weed varieties, AK 47 also contains a little more CBD and CBD, which improves the relaxed feeling. Combined this is about 1% CBD/CBN.

What makes AK 47 so popular?

Pleasure for the eye

The eye also wants something, especially when it shines and shines so beautifully, like the trichomes on the leaves of this beauty. Its buds are above average and therefore good for lifting the weight before harvesting. But above all, another delight for the eye. After all, there’s not much above thick, juicy and very potent buds.

Classic to the appearance of an AK 47 cannabis plant are her beautiful (lime) green buds with her pure orange flowering hairs. There are a few phenotypes within the AK 47 family that even produce purple shades in the leaves.

Powerful effect

Where AK 47 was one of the strongest types of weed during its inception, it has become obsolete in the past. Nevertheless, the effect remains powerful and just gives you a very nice high feeling. You’re not stoned in one fell swoop, but you can still function after eating a nice AK 47 joint. When you are a real worrier or temporarily, because of study or work, for example, experience a lot of stress, then you should also try this type of weed.

So you won’t get stoned very quickly after eating AK 47, but you will certainly experience a very pleasant high. You will stay productive and you will get through the day without stress or doubts. Because of this soothing high it is not only appreciated by recreational, but also by medical users. Especially medical users with complaints such as (chronic) sleep, eating and/or pain.

Formidable flavours and fragrances

Not only the potency, but also the taste is very important during the creation of a new type of weed. Marijuana plants that produce beautiful buds, gorgeous THC and a wonderful high with it, do not fall into it if the taste is not great. A bit of a musty taste can then suddenly ruin a lot.

AK 47 has very wide flavours and how it tastes is not easy to describe. Actually, you would have to experience it yourself to judge it. Mostly it has a natural taste, complemented by a sweet edge. And the whole thing is finished off by taste influences you might know from various Kush varieties. Earlier we told you that Afghani genetics were used for AK 47, so it’s probably a strain with mainly Kush genetics.

That wasn’t it as far as taste was concerned! You will also experience undertones of flavours reminiscent of flowers and wood. A great cocktail that is sure to please your taste buds. AK 47 is also known for simply filling many a grow room with its strong smell. Investing in an excellent carbon filter is therefore certainly not an unnecessary luxury, if you want to keep the scent within limits. For you as a grower, there will not be a fragrance that smells better than your own cultivated cannabis plants, but your neighbours or roommates might think otherwise.

The scents are alternating between natural sour scents, like a fresh pine tree smells, interspersed with Kush scents, which smell more earthy. The whole makes a natural, fresh, spicy and slightly sweet scent. Which you can taste most of back in the weed.

Grow AK 47

AK 47 has a fairly short flowering period and is therefore very popular in many nurseries. She performs well, whether you grow indoors or outdoors, and, with a little care, always produces nice yields. Because she is not the most difficult to grow and you don’t have to worry about it, you can also get on well as a beginner with this type of weed. Or if you just don’t have a lot of time and don’t want to get very complicated with feeding schedules and the like.

Just as she performs well indoors and outdoors, she also does well in different breeding media. Whether you grow in coconut, DWC or ‘just’ in soil, any substrate is suitable for AK 47. Various cultivation techniques, such as JoG, LST and SoG, can also be applied to AK 47 and provide even better results. Moreover, with a flowering time of about 9 weeks, she is ready to be harvested outdoors (approximately) mid-October. Often just before the wet period and that’s a good thing, because then you have less chance of top rot.

Points of attention

All in all, quite a few benefits, but are there any points you should consider? We don’t come across any real negative things when it comes to growing AK 47 cannabis seeds, but there are points you can take into account to increase, improve or otherwise promote your yield.

By now you know that AK 47 produces very compact and thick buds. This means it can withstand a wet autumn worse than a pure sativa, which often develops somewhat lighter buds. A good air flow around your buds is therefore essential to prevent moulds from getting in between the delicious buds. Always make sure that your buds do not touch each other and that there is a flow of air around your buds.

Previously mentioned point of attention is the smell. She can smell quite a lot and a good extraction is certainly recommended. Outside, there is not much you can do about it, except place it somewhat sheltered if you want to mask the smell, or plant other plants around your weed plant that also spread a strong smell.

Autoflowering or feminised?

The great convenience of autoflowering cannabis varieties is of course that they are self-flowering, so you don’t have to change the lighting. This allows outdoor growers to run several harvests per season. Moreover, they can be harvested a little faster, as they spurt towards harvest-ripe buds in about 10-11 weeks after germination. And they are also less susceptible to diseases or moulds, which means they perform excellently in the northern hemisphere, as well as in our climate.

However, they do contain slightly less THC than the regular variety. In this case it varies between about 13% THC in the autoflowering variety and an average of 17.5% THC in the ‘regular’ feminised AK 47. AK 47 Autoflower also produces high yields of weed, up to about 100-150 grams per plant.

Autoflower weed varieties know how easy it is to flower on their own. As a result, outdoor growers enjoy multiple harvests per season and indoor growers no longer have to worry about the number of hours of light the weed plants receive. Autoflower varieties can often be harvested a little faster, about 10 weeks after germination. They also perform better in cold climates, which makes them particularly well suited for growing in northern climates, or variable climates such as ours. Autoflower varieties always contain a little less THC, in the case of AK 47 the autoflower variety contains about 13% THC compared to 15-20% THC in the ‘normal’ feminised AK 47. With a yield of about 150 grams per weed plant you can always count on high yields.

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