3 Best Marijuana Varieties of All Times

Today, the cannabis market offers an overwhelming range of varieties with each strain having its own personality and characteristics. Growers can select seeds based on their level of growth, style like stealth indoor growing, appearance, effect or taste/aroma for planting. Of all the types of Indica and Sativa varieties, feminized and auto-flowering, new and classic, we have made a small selection of the most popular and admired by the community, a good guide for the undecided.

Novice growers are often stunned by the dizzying number of marijuana genetics offered by grow-shop catalogues and seed banks. Primary instinct leads us to choose according to the type of effect, i.e. between a Sativa, whose effect is more psychedelic and euphoric, or an Indica, whose potency is more relaxing and narcotic. Today, most varieties are hybrids of both types, so the choice is marked by the percentages and the predominance of one over the other.

The decision becomes a little more sophisticated if we look for a certain taste and aroma, a factor that contributes to the mixture of the 200 terpenes that can be found in the more than 6000 varieties of cannabis that are marketed in the world. In addition, any grower must take into account the characteristics of the plant during its growth, since depending on the climate, speed of development and size the strain will be more suitable for an indoor or outdoor cultivation.

Another factor to unbalance the balance is that of feminized or auto-flowering seeds. The former produce only female cannabis and flower thanks to the photoperiod, i.e. specific light and dark phases. Autoflowering seeds, on the other hand, grow automatically and in a very short period, regardless of changes in light and photoperiod. The latter are more appreciated by novice growers, as the development process is simpler and shorter, which avoids less exposure to pests, mistakes and adversities. Although they are seeds that also have their particularities.

Below is a small selection of genetics that stand out among the best in their respective fields:

Amnesia Haze

The Haze is probably the most popular Sativa strain of all time. Its origins date back to the 1970s in California, when the benefits of this hybrid were discovered: a strong energetic and psychedelic high. Since then, Haze has earned a reputation as the generic base for many heavyweights in the cannabis market, including AMNESIA HAZE. This feminized variety is one of the best Haze according to several prestigious smokers and growers: with 20% THC it offers a cerebral effect that makes it one of the most powerful marihuana on the market.

But like all Sativas it needs a long flowering process, about 12 weeks, a wait that is certainly worthwhile. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors and develops a medium size, not too wide.

White Widow

White Widow is another of the star varieties on the market. It was created in the 90’s by the famous breeder Shantibaba with several crosses of Indian plants, and since then it has done nothing but reap success. It is a hybridized feminized variety with Indian predominance and with a great production of resin: the producers usually leave it the last five days of cultivation in the dark to take advantage of the sticky trichomes. If planted outdoors, this variety can grow up to 3 metres tall. It likes a lot for its pine aroma and its soft soothing and pleasant effect, as it has CBD and normal levels of THC (12-16 %).

Critical +

The Critical + is another legendary strain, perhaps the most cultivated in the world. This hybrid to 50% and feminized has one of the best productivities of the market: it has a short period of flowering that does not arrive at the 50 days and produces abundant and heavy buds. It is a plant easy to grow and resistant, which makes it one of the most profitable varieties for any producer. Its fruity aroma is very intense and has a soft and narcotic effect closer to that of Indian marihuana.